Tapping into the same nano-technology used by NASA for the development of protective tiles for the Space Shuttle program, UltraFilm™ has created ceramic-treated CeramicPlus™ premium window tinting film for automotive, residential and commercial applications.

NASA utilizes Nano ceramic technology for the creation of ceramic thermal barrier tiles that protect astronauts and the shuttles’ aluminum frames from severe heat. Ceramic coatings are also used for internal engine components of ultra-high-performance racing engines, as well as for cutting tools that are subjected to extreme temperatures.

A super-fine optical coating on CeramicPlus™ film, applied via Plasma process, insures the ultimate in shielding performance and protection against heat and extreme environmental conditions as well as scratching and scuffing.
  Utilizing nano-fine particles and proprietary nano chemistry, CeramicPlus™ film also boasts low thermal conductivity, resulting in minimal heat transfer. CeramicPlus™ permits maximum transmission of ambient light and minimal transmission of IR,
heat-producing light.

UltraFilm’s CeramicPlus™ film is dye and metal-free, thus shielded, even when exposed to tropical and coastal environments, from fading, corrosion and oxidation.

Since ceramics are inorganic and non-metallic, CeramicPlus™ film will not interfere with mobile phone, GPS navigation system or satellite radio signal reception. Like the Space Shuttles’ ceramic tiles, CeramicPlus™ offers outstanding
thermal properties.

CeramicPlus™ is the premium window tinting film for prestige vehicles, luxury homes and Class A office buildings.



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